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MG Marg Gangtok – Gangtok the capital of the state of Sikkim is a city not behind the rest of the country in terms of urbanization. Mahatma Gandhi Marg (MG Marg), Gangtok is one of the most prominent tourist spots in Gangtok.

It is a shopper’s delight since all kinds of things are available on the market. The name of the market comes from the Mahatma Gandhi statue which is there in the market place.

It is half a kilometer long market and always remains crowded since it is the main shopping destination for tourists as well as locals. The presence of a China Bazar adds to the charm of the market with decorations and cheap, fancy items.

There is something for all strata of society adding to the thrill, beauty & charm of the place.

m g marg gangtok - Pictures of restaurants

This article covers some of the intriguing information regarding MG Marg Gangtok. Further information about  M.G. Marg has been added regarding a brief idea about the accommodation, MG Marg Gangtok weather, nearby places, etc.

Major Points enlisted below holds additional elaboration. Scroll down to enjoy your reading.

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So, here’s what you need to know before you actually explore MG Marg Gangtok.

  1.  MG Marg is India’s First Spit, Litter, & Smoking Free Zone
  2. MG Marg is Exclusively Pedestrian Range
  3. Conceived For Relaxation & Leisure
  4. Ideal Place For The Elderly
  5. MG Marg is The Heart Of Gangtok
  6. Shoppers Paradise & Foodie’s Delight
  7. Prompt Conveniences For Transport, Accommodation, Permits & Medicine
  8. Easy accessibility to the major attractions in Gangtok
  9. MG Marg Market, Gangtok Opening and Closing Hours & Days
  10. MG Marg Gangtok Weather Insights & Tips

1- MG Marg Is India’s First Spit, Litter, & Smoking Free Zone

MG Marg is Country’s first ‘Spit, Litter, and Smoking Free Zone’. It is completely a long stretched avenue plaza with an array of shopping outlets, hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. The place stands as a pioneer to set and sustain the standards of cleanliness amongst all the other cities in India.

2- MG Marg is Exclusively Pedestrian Range

The entire Marg section covering 1km stretch is an exclusively pedestrian space. No vehicle of any kind is allowed to enter into MG Marg. One can explore the entire Marg free from the traffic noises and congestions. Thus, the city stands at a different level in terms of convenience and urbanization compared to the other cities.

Beautiful weather and timing at mg marg gangtok hotels

3- Conceived For Relaxation & Leisure

MG Marg offers a peaceful and perfect encounter of leisure, free from traffic congestions and hassle. The Marg administer an exotic and unusual sense of ease, even when the place itself is the crux and one of the major attractions in the city. The strategy of “solely pedestrian” assures that Marg has been build with the purpose of ease, leisure, and relaxation.

4- Ideal Place For The Elderly

MG Marg offers an ideal alternative for shopping, dining, and for a leisurely stroll. The Marg has been modified over the span of years. Benches and Victorian Lamps are placed on each side and middle of the entire Marg. Thus, the elderly couple can sit and relax, talk and enjoy the gaiety and serene atmosphere. The lamps are arranged throughout the street to light up the dusk.

5- MG Marg Is The Heart Of Gangtok Exclusively

MG Marg aptly gains its title after Mahatma Gandhi’s enormous Statue installed in the avenue, MG is the abbreviation and Marg literally means path, avenue or, street. The Marg is not just the main market but ‘the heart of Gangtok’. The Marg itself stands as a landmark, from where the travelers set out on their respective traveling destinations across Sikkim.

6- Shoppers Paradise & Foodie’s Delight

Right from the souvenirs to western wear, food items to handicrafts, medicines shops to footwear, MG Marg has it all! Any shopaholic or fashionista would love to explore and indulge in shopping at MG Marg Market, Gangtok. There are a good number of food outlets, pubs, that serve exotic Sikkimese, Tibetan, Nepali, Indian, and Continental Cuisines and beverages. So, if you are a food lover, you will never be disappointed at MG Marg Gangtok.

Besides, food stalls with a diverse range of food items are installed at the Marg during Gangtok Annual Food & Culture Festival that takes place every December.
Places to visit near mg marg gangtok distance

7- Prompt Conveniences For Transport, Accommodation, Permits & Medicine

If you’re traveling solo, or, if you’re an elderly couple who prefer dropping the idea of traveling the extra mile to find a good hotel, then don’t worry! There are a good number of hotels near MG Marg Gangtok. The price range starts with a fairly decent amount. The charges for the hotel even depend on the amenities they provide.

The warmth and hospitality retained by the hotels in MG Marg Gangtok stand par excellence rendering you a feeling like your home. In a hindsight, Gangtok is a safe place for solo female travelers. The locals are docile, amicable, and helpful to the needy.

The avenue has everything from transport booking facilities to pharmacies. If you are traveling to extreme elevations and international borders like Nathula Pass, Zero Point, Dzongu, then you can get your permit done by the travel agencies or authorities based nearby.

8- Easy accessibility to the major attractions in Gangtok

If you have a single day in your hand to explore around Gangtok, then what would you ask for help? Well, it depends. It could either be a travel agent in Gangtok. Or, it could be Google, right? If you request, the places to visit near MG Marg Gangtok include Banjhakri Falls, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Ganesh Tok, Gangtok Ropeway, Enchey Monastery, Bakthang Waterfall, etc. You can hire a cab and a local tour guide to cover all these places in a day’s span and return to MG Marg Gangtok

9- MG Marg Market, Gangtok Opening and Closing Hours & Days

MG Marg Market, Gangtok usually opens at 8 am in the morning and it closes down at 7 pm, which is quite early for a city to retreat. However, the main shops and stalls remain open till 9 pm during the peak seasons and festivals. The entire MG Marg Market remains closed on Tuesdays. The Victorian Lamps set throughout lits up the entire avenue and makes it appear intriguing and magical even when the market remains closed.

10- MG Marg Gangtok Weather Insights & Tips

Being the Mountainous city, the place experiences extreme winters and soothing summers. The monsoon season mostly experiences an incessant downpour. The springs and autumn both ensures pleasant weather conditions. Both seasons are ideal to explore the city. So, if you are looking for the best alternatives to escape the raging summer sun of the plains and metropolises, then MG Marg Gangtok Weather remains an ideal retreat.

Apart from the summer getaway, you can experience the charming winters. All you need to do is to pack some warm clothes and shoes. Springs and Autumns are ideal for trekking, camping, etc. Avoid monsoon, as the roads might get blocked due to slides caused by the heavy downpour.

Address of MG Marg Gangtok: MG Marg, Vishal Gaon, Gangtok, 737101, Sikkim 

This is a map of mg marg Gangtok & their pin code is 737101


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) On MG Marg Gangtok

What is famous in Gangtok to buy?

MG Marg is the shopping spot for the shopaholics. If you are one and planning a trip to Gangtok, simply read through the enlisted famous and exotic things that are worth buying-

#1. Singing Bowls
#2. Prayer Flags
#3. Prayer Wheels
#4. Wall paintings
#5. Semi-Precious Stones
#6. Traditional dress
#7. Traditional jewelry
#8. Sikkim Tea
#9. Masks
#10. Thangka Paintings
#11. Churpi (Hardened Cottage Cheese)
#12. Buddhist Figurines
#13. Black Cardamom
#14. Sikkimese Cups
#15. Silver Jewelry
#16. Tibetan Carpets

Is smoking allowed in Gangtok?

Sikkim is India’s first litter-free, spit-free, and smoking free state. Thus, smoking in public is strictly prohibited in Gangtok. If you are caught smoking in public places, you may be fined. However, you smoke in smoking rooms. Pay heed to the signboards before you smoke in open spaces.

What is best to buy in Sikkim?

Sikkim is not about the breathtaking mountains, monasteries, and rich interracial cultures, it is a delight for shopaholics. The tiny state of Sikkim is the shopping hub for exotic souvenirs that are found nowhere else on the earth. So, here is the list of things that are worth spending at –
#1. Singing Bowls
#2. Prayer Flags
#3. Prayer Wheels
#4. Wall paintings
#5. Traditional dress
#6. Traditional jewelry
#7. Sikkim Tea
#8. Masks
#9. Thangka Paintings
#10. Churpi (Hardened Cottage Cheese)

How far is Nathula from Gangtok?

Nathula Pass is approx 56 km from Gangtok. It takes about 3 hours to reach the Indo-China border pass by bulky vehicles that ply to and fro the region on rentals.

What are the places to visit near MG Marg Gangtok?

There are a good number of attractions near MG Marg Gangtok. Such as –

#1. Ban Jhakri Waterfall
#2. Saramsa Garden
#3. Deorali Cable Car Ride
#4. Bakthang Falls
#5. Rumtek Monastery
#6. Ganesh Tok
#7. Hanuman Tok
#8. Tashi View Point
#9. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
#10. Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms, Gangtok
#11. Himalayan Zoological Park, Gangtok

How is MG Marg Gangtok weather?

MG Marg Gangtok weather – MG Marg Gangtok experiences extremely cold Winters. Summers are moderately cool and thus serve as the best escapade from the blistering summer sun of the plains and metropolises.

Do you need to book in advance to visit MG Marg?

No. No prior booking is required to visit MG Marg Gangtok.

What's the best way to see MG Marg?

The best and the convenient way to see MG Marg is by exploring it. No Vehicles are permitted to MG Marg. Anyone can stroll through the Marg with ease, without having to worry about the traffic congestions, robbery, crowds, etc.

What hotels are near MG Marg?

There are a good number of hotels near MG Marg. Some of them are listed below – Find your ideal pick!
#1. Summit Denzong Hotel and Spa
#2. Treebo Trend The Nettle & Fern
#3. The Karma Retreat
#4. Summit Denzong Hotel & Spa

What restaurants are near MG Marg?

Some of the recommended restaurants near MG Marg Gangtok are –
#1. Bonfire Baresto – Family Restaurant & Bar
#2. Thakali
#3. Taste Of Tibet
#4. Shuffle Momos
#5. Apna Dhaba
#6. The Square Family Restaurant and Bar
#7. Roll House
#8. Mu Kimchi
#9. The Dragon Wok
#10. Chopstick

What attractions are near MG Marg?

MG Marg is one of the major attractions in Gangtok. However, if you wish to explore more – here is the list of places located at a close distance from the Marg –

#1. Ban Jhakri Waterfall
#2. Saramsa Garden
#3. Bakthang Falls
#4. Rumtek Monastery
#5. Ganesh Tok
#6. Tashi View Point
#7. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
#8. Himalayan Zoological Park, Gangtok

What to buy from MG Marg Gangtok?

MG Marg Gangtok is a paradise for shopaholics. From the fashion wear to arts and crafts, souvenirs to traditional attires – everything that appeals to the eye, you’d consider buying. You can pick up beautiful souvenirs back home as a token for your loved ones or as a remembrance of a place so peacefully alluring.

What to do in MG Marg Gangtok?

Here is a list of things you can do in MG Marg Gangtok –
#1. Shop till you drop at the finest stores.
#2. Enjoy the exotic Tibetan, Sikkimese, Chinese, Nepalese delicacies from the local restaurants.
#3. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys from the Marg.
#4. Strike a conversation with the locals.
#5. Witness the city’s nightlife at the local nightclubs.
#6. Snap a moment in your camera!
#7. Sit and relax on a bench at MG Marg, revel at the cool peaceful ambience.
#8. Enjoy a brisk walk throughout the Marg.
#9. Explore the local shops to pick a unique souvenir!
#10. Try on a traditional local attire at a local boutique. Don’t forget to get photographed in one!

How can I get a pass for Nathula Pass?

You can obtain a permit from the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. You can even apply for a permit through a registered travel agency. To apply for the permit, you need a photocopy of ID proof and 2 passport size photos. The cost of a permit for Nathula Pass is INR 200/- per person.

When is Nathula Pass open?

Nathula Pass remains open throughout the year except for the peak wintertime (mid-January – February) when heavy snowfall occurs in the region. It thus blocks the motorable routes and eventually turns it slippery and accident-prone. Besides the peak winters, Nathula Pass remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Hence, you can plan your visit to Nathula Pass on Wednesdays till Sundays.

How do I get Nathula Pass from MG Marg Gangtok?

The only way to get to Nathula Pass form MG Marg Gangtok is through a road trip. Bulky vehicles such as Scorpios, Sumo, Bolero, Innova ply to Nathula Pass from the capital city on a rental basis. You can book a private vehicle or, go for a shared vehicle to get to Nathula Pass from MG Marg Gangtok.

How do I get to Rumtek Monastery from MG Marg Gangtok?

Taxi services in Gangtok ply to every motorable road in the state. To get to Rumtek Monastery from MG Marg, you can either book a private taxi service from Gangtok or, get into a shared taxi.

How far is Tashi viewpoint from Gangtok?

Tashi View Point is almost 8km from Gangtok. You can get plenty of vehicles from the city to get to the spot. It takes a couple of minutes by drive from the taxi stand to reach the viewpoint.

What is the distance between MG Marg to Gangtok Ropeway?

It takes about 10 minutes to reach Gangtok Ropeway from MG Marg. You can get local taxis plying to the spot from the taxi stand near the Marg.

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