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Beltar Kurseong

Darjeeling hills is such a fascinating place, where there are many renowned places, some are just hidden away among the forest, valleys and foothills of the himalaya. They are like little gems which are extremely fun to explore for a traveller. One such place is Beltar in Kurseong. It is a tiny village, with a huge spread of nature and soul.

BELTAR KurseongFrom Kurseong town, Beltar is located 12 Kms away. The village is nestled in the lush green tea garden and there is even a tea factory around. It is actually a valley surrounded by the green little mountains of tea gardens and also closeby to the popular Margaret’s Deck.

Beltar’s Eco Resort: A Haven in the Foothills

Beltar’s popularity has emerged in the recent days with the construction of an eco resort by the Gorkha Territorial Administration. The construction of the property commenced on February 22nd 2013 and it is near to completion.

BELTAR Kurseong

The talks were that the resort was going to be open and running by late 2020 but it came to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

BELTAR Kurseong

The resort situates itself in the foothills of tea-plants filled mountains, while a small river runs through the side of the valley, which adds to the aesthetics of the place.

BELTAR Kurseong

Small Wooden Cabins and a Huge Swimming Pool

Focusing on the greenery and the natural landscape of the valley, the resort is filled with small wooden cabins. The architecture of these cabins truly represent the hills with the use of wooden and earthy tones and construction of little attics in each one of them.

There is also a huge swimming pool in the middle of the property which ties everything together

BELTAR Kurseong

A Lap of Nature

Being in Beltar is like truly being in the lap of nature. The tranquility you feel there is like nowhere else. On top of that the ever changing weather makes it even more so romantic. The place experiences a lifetime-worthy phenomenon as fog covers it suddenly, even after it being clear just a minute before.

BELTAR Kurseong

How to Reach Beltar

  • Airport: The nearest airport to Beltar is Bagdogra Airport
  • Railway Station: The nearest railway station to beltar is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.

From Bagdogra Airport and New jalpaiguri railway station, you can either take a direct vehicle or you can come to Siliguri (which is 10 km away from both the airport and the railway station) and then take a vehicle from there to Beltar. From Bagdogra Beltar is approximately 53.6 km and from NJP station it is around 57 Km.

BELTAR Kurseong

Beltar Climate

Beltar has a moderate summer and chilly winter. Rainfall is moderate to heavy during the monsoon. Mist covers the place from time to time, especially during the rainy seasons.

Places to visit near beltar

Ambotia Shiva Temple – Located around 5.2 km away this is a famed temple among the lord Shiva devotee. A must visit when in Kurseong.

Margaret’s Deck – The beautiful deck-like tea den is located just a few kilometers from here. Enjoying sunrise and sunset from Margaret’s Deck would be best.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Museum – located 6.3 Km away it is a heavenly place for history enthusiasts.

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