Bhutan Ghat

Bhutan Ghat- Indo-Bhutan Border, Dooars

Bhutan Ghat: In our fast-paced media-driven culture, being able to shut off all the noise and focus on the present moment is becoming increasingly invaluable. It is so easy to become so busy and focused on all the drama in our daily lives and around the world that we begin to let the moments that we are in right now pass us by. It is because we are so busy focusing on everything else we lose sight of what is around us right now. While the messy parts of life may not always be resolved positively, there is always a chance you’ll find a rainbow at the end of the storm.

Bhutan Ghat

Thus, taking short breaks on weekends can help ease off stress to a great extent and If you’re looking forward to spending some time in nature, It is just the ideal place for you to visit.


Situated a top the mountainous terrain and flanked by hills covered with luxurious green forests, It is a quaint hamlet that owes its prominence to the heavenly bliss of nature, perfectly adorned by the entrancing sight of mountain ridges.

bhutan ghat

Located 45 kilometers from Alipurduar near Indo-Bhutan border on the bank of spiraling river Raidak which flows from the majestic valley of Bhutan to the plain region of Dooars lies the Bhutan Ghat, whose captivating beauty has every tourist bewitched and wondering in nature.

What to expect?

Besides its scenic charm, it also offers a great avenue for adventure tourism, it is an attraction for elephant sightings. The proximity of Bhutan Ghat to Buxa Tiger Reserve makes the sightings of rare wild animals like one-horned Asiatic Rhinoceros and Royal Bengal Tiger pretty common. Close to Bhutan Ghat is a lake called Narathali Lake, which creates a perfect ambiance for inhabiting many endemic and migratory species of birds like Ibis bills, black stork, red stars, pied hornbill, good sanders and so on.

Bhutan Ghat is lined by the dense tropical forest and the rolling tea gardens which are an add on a treat for the tourists visiting the place.

How to reach Bhutan Ghat?

The destination is conveniently reachable from Siliguri, Alipurduar and Cooch Behar by railways and roadways. The place is around 50 km away from Alipurduar town. Bagdogra is the nearest airport to this place.

Best time to visit Bhutan Ghat

One of the best seasons to relish the beauty of Bhutan Ghat is considered to be the post-monsoon season from October to May when the forest area is bursting with vibrant colors and the weather is pleasant.

bhutan ghat

Far from the maddening crowd, it is a sojourn for those seeking a hideout in nature. Feasting your eyes with the astounding view of Bhutan hills and Dooars plain can be a spellbinding experience, It’s surreal beauty cannot be expressed in words until you come & visit the place yourself, so treat yourself with the finest of retreats at Bhutan Ghat!

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