Kalapokhari lake – The Lake En Route To Sandakphu Peak

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This blog about Kalpokhri or Kalapokhari lake spreads some important verbal and visual representation about the place. The written part highlights the enlisted subheadings. Just scroll down to find some information and splendid images.

1. Kalpokhri At A Glance – Uncovering The Myth Of The Sacred Black Waters
2. The Lake En Route For The Trekking Adventure To Sandakphu
3. The Winter Weather Throughout The Calendar
4. Getting There &What To Expect During The Journey?

Kalpokhri At A Glance – Uncovering The Myth Of The Sacred Black Waters

Kalapokhari lake – The Lake En Route To Sandakphu Peak: How often do you yearn to escape this hectic monotony? Have you ever considered getting away from every inch of this claustrophobic urban life? If you want to restore your peace and rejuvenate your mind, come find ‘em all as you sojourn to lesser traveled trekking trails of the Himalayas. Snuggled at an elevation of 3186 meters, Kalpokhari or Kalapokhari Lake is the closing en route to Sandakphu. It forms a major part of the trekking trail starting from Maney Bhanjyang to Sandakphu Peak. Kalpokhri approximately lies halfway amid the steep ending stretch of the trek from Gairibas to Sandakphu.

kalapokhri lake

Kalapokhri actually is a regional (Nepali) word, that literally translates to “black lake” or “dark lake”. It’s rather unusual for natural Lake to exist at such a high elevation. Besides, the Lake conveys the impact of possessing black colored water. However, it’s not the actual color of the water. Neither it’s caused by pollution. The entire Lake is litter free. The black muddy base and the depth of the lake gives the impression of black. Hence, the spectators often accept the delusion of declaring the color of the water as black.

kalapokhri lake

The exotic Kalapokhari Lake that intrigues every sight is also religiously important. It is considered sacred by the locals. Hence it is worshipped by the Hindu and the Buddhist devotees. If you’re fascinated by the myths and legends, there are many folklores about Kalpokhri Lake. The native inhabitants believe the Lake to be the dwelling place of the fierce black snake or the ‘kaalnaag’.

The Lake En Route For The Trekking Adventure To Sandakphu

kalapokhri lake

Due to the availability of water throughout the year, a tiny village settlement has emerged nearby to the place. The place serves as the major stopping point for the trekkers. The tiny settlement has a good number of private huts for those who are seeking a restful stay for the night. The Kalpokhri Lake and the tiny village is based within the famous Singalila National Park under Darjeeling district.

Albeit it’s offbeat essence, the place, and the Lake stand as a major attraction en route to Sandakphu. The trekkers or the explorers traveling through the place spend a good time admiring the lake. The peaceful aura, mountains, and the natural appeal surrounding the Lake extend more to its charm. The stillness and the gloomy shade of the water intensify it’s mysterious appeal even more.

The Winter Weather Throughout The Calendar

kalapokhri lake

Kalpokhri experiences extreme winters and cold weather throughout the year. During winters the temperature ranges between 2°C to 10° C. The summer seasons in Kalpokhri region are colder as compared to the other minor altitudinal region of Darjeeling. Summers extend a much-needed retreat from the raging heat of the plains with the temperature ranging between 11°C to 19°C. Hence, we can understand that the region experiences cold weather throughout the year. Even if you plan a trek in summer, you should carry adequate warm clothes and shoes to fight the cold mountain wind.

Getting There & What To Expect During The Journey?

distant view at kalapokhri

It takes about 3 hours trek to cover the stretch of 6km from Gairibas to reach Kalpokhri region. As you start your trek uphill, you will traverse the verdant and serene forest of Rhododendrons, Oaks, Bamboos, Cedars. In about 1.5 hours, you will come across Kaiyakatta. The additional uphill trek requires 1.5 hours to reach Kalpokhri. The route offers appealing sights of the blooming wildflowers, Magnolias. The Birdwatchers can spot the rare variety of bird species throughout the journey. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you can capture the exceptional panoramic sights of landscapes, Himalayan faunas, mountains, birds, etc. Once you reach the Kalpokhri village you will notice the mysteriously black lake amid the high elevation. The Buddhist prayer flags surrounding the lake flutter through the tunes of the mountain breeze. Just at the one tip of the Lake, a tiny Buddhist Chorten stands in a tranquil mode.Kalpokhri region is the borderline between India and Nepal. A pathway nearby the lake will lead to Ilam district – one of the major places in Nepal. On a clear day, you can actually get the actual sight of Sandakphu Peak from Kalpokhri region.

kalapokhri view

The Kalpokhri region renders a peacefully rustic charm that contradicts contemporary times. The village people sitting nearby the firewood for warmth, the melody of the folksongs on the radio, scanty settlement with zero pollution deprived of traffic noises, the breathtaking backdrop! All of these truly justifies your struggle for coming this far.

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