Lepchakha Village is considered as the “Queen of Dooars”. It is a tiny hamlet located on the ridge of Buxa Tiger Reserve. The enchanting natural beauty of this province perfectly outfits the title. Due to its proximity to Buxa Tiger Reserve, this far-flung provincial site boasts of surreal natural surroundings. Being endowed with nature, the place adds one more to the pride of North Bengal.


This offbeat hamlet stands along with Buxa Hill near the southern hilly province of Bhutan. Buxa Tiger Reserve is the 15th Tiger Reserve in India. It is one of the prominent protected forest reserves in the Dooars region. Its secluded location makes it one of the less explored places in Dooars, North Bengal.

Why visit Lepchakha Village?

Lepchakha is a serene shelter for nature lovers. The place offers jaw-dropping vistas of twelve rivers meandering through the Dooars region. It is one of the sparsely populated areas. The province is inhabited by the Drukpas – who is of Bhutanese origin. Drukpas have a unique culture of their own.


This scenic hamlet sprawls in proximity to South Bhutan, due to which, the village even has a border outpost for the security bureaus. The distance between Bhutan and Lepchakha Village is just 3 km.

The structure style of the houses in Lepchakha Village is unique. The major attraction in Lepchakha Village is the “Hilltop” from which you can witness mind-blowing scenes of the meandering rivers over the vast plains.


The heart-touching courtesy of the Drukpa people and the quaint environment amidst nature have drawn many travelers from all over the country.

The uncluttered province offers much-needed solitude and rejuvenation from the hectic city life. The rich and thriving alpine forest enroute to Lepchakha Village caters to the call of the go-getter pilgrims and adventurers tracking trails to the offbeat and unexplored regions.

How to reach Lepchakha Village?


The journey towards this quaint hamlet offers once in a lifetime experience. You need to travel a distance of 20km from Alipurduar to Buxa Tiger Reserve. Once you get there, you need to trek through the luxuriant mixed-wet forest to reach Lepchakha Village.

The trekking trail leading to the village entails breathtaking destinations like Buxa Fort, which is also a historical place and an important part of Buxa Tiger Reserve. You will also pass through vast orange orchards and the soul-soothing natural vistas.

Throughout the journey, you will be accompanied by the melodious songs of the exotic Himalayan and the migratory birds. The entire trekking trail promises a random sighting of exotic birds and colorful butterflies.


The trekking experience to Lepchakha Village offers a delightful experience. The entire enroute is overflowed with verdant greenery. The trees provide shelter throughout from the raging heat. You can enjoy the surreal calmness while detaching yourself from the madding city.


The nearest railway station is NJP and the nearest airport is Bagdogra International Airport. You need to get to Buxa Tiger Reserve. From there, your actual journey to Lepchakha Village begins with a nature trek.

Best time to visit Lepchakha Village

The best time to visit Lepchakha Village is from mid-October to April. During these months, the sky is clearer. The village retains pleasant weather and a soul-soothing aura. You can immerse yourself in peace while relishing the blissful natural splendor.