Murti River- Sightseeing In Dooars.

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Murti – Sightseeing In Dooars: What fascinates you the most? Is it the glitter of the cities or, the peace and natural splendor of the faraway places? Well, if you prefer the latter, you don’t have to travel that far to experience one! Located at a few hours driving from Siliguri, Murti remains as one of the major attractions in Dooars. It snuggles between Chapramari forest and Gorumara National Park. Abode to the rich biodiversity, Murti river comprises one of the scenic destinations in the Dooars region. Murti thus caters to the quest of nature lovers, peace seekers – mainly during winters.

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The region gains popularity for its natural splendor and it’s an offbeat element. It caters to the bent of the travelers seeking for an escapade from the urban rush. It is also a haven to explorers with a love for adventure pursuits and those seeking for short trip or a weekend break. Owing to its a rich variety of flora, the place serves as an abode to the exotic birds. During the peak season, the place remains the ideal place for spotting the exotic seasonal birds. The region is also known to be the habitat of the wilds. Such as bison, spotted deer, barking deer. Royal Bengal tiger, wild pigs, sambhar, elephants, can be spotted if you delve into the deeper parts of the forest.

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Originating from the Neora Valley National Park in Kalimpong District, the perennial stream gushes down to join the Jaldhaka River in the Dooars. The River crisscrossing through the enchanting region not just adds on to the fertility of the region but also caters to the requirement of the thriving vegetation. The water flowing amid the rich and enchantingly beautiful forest quenches the thirst of the wildlife living in the region.


Murti has so much to offer when it comes to activities. If you are a nature lover and if the wildlife fascinates you, you will never experience monotony. If you love to explore the depths of the wilderness and catch the glimpses of the wild animals, then you can indulge in jungle safaris. Jeep safaris for exploring the wild can be booked through the authorized travel operator.

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The place also offers a plethora of nature photography opportunities to photographers. Birding is another leisurely activity in Murti River. A good number of birds can be spotted here. Other major activities include picnicking, fishing, short treks, and camping amid nature.

Where to stay ?

A good number of accommodation facilities are available in Murti. You can either choose to stay at the private resorts or, the Government Resorts managed by WBFDC and WBTDC. One of the most well-known resorts is Banani Murti Resort. Being offbeat, one cannot seek for extravagant luxury hotels in Murti. The forest Bungalows, private resorts, lodges render all the basic amenities. Such as hot and cold running waters, meals, room service, etc.

Booking for the Government resorts can be done online. The perks of staying on these lodges are that they are enclosed by a breathtaking sight of the vast wilderness.

Getting there Murti River

The nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport. From the airport, you can get prompt taxi services to Murti. It will take about 3 hours to reach Murti from Airport and 2 hours from Siliguri Bus Stand (Junction).

murti river

The nearest railway station is NJP. Whereas, the most convenient railway junction or stoppage is at Chalsa. From Chalsa, it will take about 42 minutes by taxi to reach Murti. However, if you plan to get down at NJP, you can hire instant taxi services rendering transport facilities to various parts of Dooars.

Best time to visit Murti River

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The best time to visit Murti River is from mid-October to March. Summers are extreme and Monsoon season calls for a heavy downpour. Due to the waterlogged forests and the raging water bodies calls for hazards. Besides, the safaris remain closed during Monsoon, as Monsoon season is the breeding season of the wild animals.

The Autumn, Winter, and Spring season (occurring between October to March) is the ideal time of traveling here. The weather remains pleasant throughout this time. The favorable climatic conditions enable visitors to indulge in leisurely activities based on their preferences.

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