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Suntaley Khola

The Nepali dialect names Suntaley Khola, where “Suntaley” signifies “laden with oranges” and “Khola” denotes “mountainous river or stream.” The place earns its name from the existence of orange orchards and a stream. Suntaley Khola, nestled along the fringe of Neora Valley National Park in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, is one of the beautifully peaceful offbeat destinations in North Bengal and Dooars region, secluded from the urban uproar.

Suntaley Khola soothes peace seekers and fulfills the desires of nature lovers with bountiful greeneries. The place’s unique natural charm sets it apart from other primary attractions in the region, making it stand out as an offbeat and rustic destination in the Dooars region.

What To Expect?

Suntaley Khola grants you a good excuse to ditch man-made amusements. The quaint hilly hamlet, enclosed by dense woodland, ranges from 650m to 950m. It is ideal for solo travelers, couples, and trekkers, allowing you to plan a day’s trip, a weekend getaway, or an extended stay.

For a day’s visit, the major part of the attraction is the Suspension Bridge or the hanging bridge over Suntaley Khola or the river. One can walk through the bridge to reach the WBFBC Lodge or, Suntaley Khola Resort.

The place remains unfamiliar to most people due to its secluded location from urban influence. Hence, it might be difficult to locate, but it is worth making an effort. The entire place offers a panoramic backdrop with a plethora of unfiltered greenery and a peaceful landscape.

Things To Do

Additionally, you can add Suspension Bridge (hanging bridge) and the Forest Cottages to your day’s sightseeing. Moreover, nature lovers can indulge in a canopy walk, which is considered an ideal way to unwind and observe the beauty of nature. Furthermore, birdwatching is another activity that you can add to your day’s to-do list at Suntaley Khola. You can also indulge in short treks. Apart from sightseeing and picnicking, this tiny retreat serves as the origin point of the trekking trails leading to the depths of Neora Valley National Park.

Where To Stay?

Apart from Suntaley Khola Resort, there are few options for accommodations in the region. Forest Resort is operated by West Bengal Government. The lodge provides the basic amenities for a proper and comfortable stay. Despite its isolation from the cities, the rooms are equipped with all the basic amenities in a hygienic condition.

There are eight cottages amid the lush green garden. The entire ambience of the place caters to absolute serenity and solitude. The food served at the resort is harvested and prepared from the organic farms of the village.

Suntaley Khola Resort Booking Guidelines

Bookings should be done before the time of the visit. Entry is not permitted without prior reservation. Online booking options are available through travel operators or the website, while manual bookings are not allowed.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Suntaley Khola is during the Fall, Winter, and Spring (October to April). Summers are extremely hot and Monsoon brings with it incessant downpour resulting inconvenience for traveling and exploring the region. So, postpone your plan if you have considered summer or, monsoon for holidaying here.

How To Get There?

It takes about 3-4 hours to reach Suntaley Khola from Siliguri. The major landmark that aids in determining the exact place is Samsing Chowk. Upon reaching there, you should drive 4kms ahead to reach the spot. Transport facilities are available from the authorized tour operators in North Bengal.

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