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Savin Kingdom siliguri water park

Do you get bored easily? Are you running out of ideas to channelize your energy and feed your desire for fun? To your escape from everyday’s chores, amusement parks are just the right place for you to relax in the sun and immerse in enjoyment. Amusement parks undoubtedly are one of the most common alternatives for prompt getaways during weekends and vacations. Additionally, unplanned and quick getaways can provide a much-needed rejuvenation and a sense of fun.

Savin Kingdom

A day spent with a leisurely family picnic will not incite fun and enjoyment, but also strengthens the bond as a family and within your kin. The joy of eating out and the excitement of being under the open space will eventually help you destress and break free from the regular. Flat rides, vertical rides, gravity rides, and water slides not just enthuse kids, but even to the grown-ups who wish to explore the adventurer side in them by shedding their restraints and fear.

Experience the thrill and excitement of Savin Kingdom Water Park

If you’re into an adventure more than entertainment, you’ll be able to enjoy an outstanding range of activities at Savin Kingdom in Siliguri. The place is well known for its castle-themed amusement park, water park, kid-friendly ambience. Located on the banks of the beautiful Mahananda River in Siliguri, Savin Kingdom Water Park is where you should be when the sweltering summer heat dominates the city.

Savin Kingdom - Water Park

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Savin Kingdom spans across an area of 10 acres and is divided into three distinct sections: the dry park, water park, and food court.

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The dry section of this park consists of thrilling fun rides and several swings for both kids and grown-ups like Merry go rounds, Breakdance, Paratrooper, Savin Formula One, Kiddy Columbus and so on.

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Moreover, the water park section of Savin Kingdom offers many delights for visitors to enjoy, including the Wave Pool and Thriller Slide, which are considered the highlights of the park. With these attractions, the water park is the perfect place to soak up the summer sun and cool off in the water.

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Lastly, the food court of the Savin Kingdom Water Park has outlets of the major food chain where you can walk in to enjoy meals and quick bites. Arrangements for special cultural activities like henna, pottery making, magic tricks are also performed in the amusement park. Savin Kingdom in Siliguri is undoubtedly a complete package of an ideal weekend getaway or the ideal alternative to beat the blistering summer heat! You can indulge in exciting games and relish a variety of delicious cuisines. When it comes to merrymaking, the place has not set any sort of limitations to any particular section of customers.

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There are a host of fun activities for the visitors belonging to any age category. So, whether you’re an individual adult or the guardian to a group of kids, you’ll never find an excuse to feel the monotony. Moreover, anyone from a family to kids to a group of friends can visit this place and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content.

Entry Details: Savin Kingdom Entry Fees

The Park remains open throughout the week. To obtain accessibility into the Park, entry fees are applicable for all. Savin kingdom water park Siliguri ticket price varies depending on the day of your visit. The fees rate are higher during the weekend than the weekdays. During the weekdays, there will be fewer crowds. Its is during the weekends, a large number of visitors come here for an ideal break. You can book your tickets days before your visit from their website. Savin kingdom Siliguri ticket booking can be done manually at the entrance on the day of your visit.

Savin Kingdom Opening Hours & Ticket Price Details

The time of entry is stipulated for Savin Kingdom Water Park and Amusement Park. For the water park, the park remains open from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. The opening hours for the amusement park is from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm. So, below is the list that provides the price details which are applicable during the weekdays and weekends/ kids and adults.

Sl. No.Savin Kingdom Entry Fees & Packages Fees
1.Amusement Park Weekdays – Child Entry with 2 ridesRs.70/-
2.Amusement Park Weekdays – Adult Entry with 2 ridesRs.80/-
3.Amusement Park Weekends & Holidays – Child Entry with 2 ridesRs.90/-
4.Amusement Park Weekends & Holidays – Adult Entry with 2 rideRs.100/-
5.Amusement Park Weekdays – Saver Child Entry – Kiddie Express, Kiddy Columbus, Merry Go Round, Jumping Frog, Bumping Car And Sky TrainRs.150/-
6.Amusement Park Weekdays & Holidays – Saver Adult Entry – Jumping Frog, Break Dance, Magic Glider, Sky Train, Bumping Car, Flying Chair & Flying SaucerRs.170/-
7.Amusement Park Weekends & Holidays – Saver Child Entry – Kiddie Express, Kiddy Columbus, Merry Go Round, Jumping Frog, Bumping Car and Sky TrainRs.180/-
8.Water Park Weekdays – Child Entry-up to 3 ft EntryRs.200/-
9.Amusement Park Weekends & Holidays – Saver Adult Entry – Jumping Frog, Break Dance, Magic Glider, Sky Train, Bumping Car, Flying Chair & Flying SaucerRs.220/-
10.Water Park Weekdays Adult Entry-above 3 ftRs.300/-
11.Water Park Weekends(Fri to Sunday) & Holidays – Child Entry-up to 3 ftRs.300/-
12.Water Park Weekends(Fri to Sun) & Holidays – Adult Entry-above 3 ftRs.400/-

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