Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park, Sikkim – The Breeding Hub & Home To The Exotic Species Of Birds

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Sidkeong Tuluk Bird Park

Bird Watching: A Simple and Enchanting Hobby for All Ages.

Many hobbies require a lot of training and equipment to get started. But it’s otherwise with bird watching. With bird watching, all you really need is some interest, a little extra time on your hands, a suitable pair of binoculars, and a good resource to help you tell the difference between the thousands of bird species you may come across. Bird watching can be a fun, enjoyable hobby for people in their seasoned years. Of course, like many things in life, you may have to experience bird watching to truly appreciate it. Give bird watching a chance, and you may find yourself enchanted by the sweetest melodies and the incredible variety of birds.

Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park

Sikkim: The Mystique Splendor of Northeast India.

Located remotely in the foothills of the Himalayas, the enchanting and tiny state of Sikkim owes its popularity as “The Land of Mystique Splendor”. Enriched with scenic beauty and the verdant wilderness, Sikkim is one among the top tourist places in Northeast India. Whether you are looking for adventure activities, physical and spiritual rejuvenation detaching yourself from the hectic day-to-day schedule! Or, if you simply want to relax your exhausted mind amidst natural beauty, Sikkim offers everything you desire.

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Sikkim: A Wildlife Paradise of Exotic Flora and Fauna

Not only is the region of Sikkim known for its pristine charm and mesmerizing landscapes, but it is also blessed with a gamut of rich and exotic wildlife. Sikkim boasts a natural bounty of flora and fauna. With over 4,000 species of exotic flowering plants and 600 species of birds, this tiny state is no less than a paradise for botanists and bird watchers around the world.

Sidkeong Tuluk Bird

Discover Wildlife Splendor at Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park in West Sikkim.

Counted among one of the popular destinations, Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park is one perfect destination for nature lovers to witness and dwell in the beauty of wildlife. Located at Rabdentse in West Sikkim on the road between Pelling and West District Headquarter Gyalshing about 10 kilometers away lies an existing tourist archaeological site which incorporates a diverse landmass where the botanical luxuriance provides an affluent sanctuary to over 200 species of birds.

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Exploring Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park: A Tribute to Sikkim’s Conservation Legacy.

Named after Sidkeong Tulku, the 10th Chogyel of Sikkim and founding father of Modern Forestry in the state, the Bird Park provides a beautiful landscape for tourists to witness an enriching ambiance of wilderness adorned by a plethora of bewitching species of flora and fauna.

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Early morning expeditions to the sanctuary are accompanied by the enchanting sounds of birds flocking around the region. Visitors can also experience the thrills of close encounters with some of the rarest feathered species. Sidkeong Tulku shelters hundreds of bird species, including Grey Treepies, Green Imperial Pigeons, Turtle Doves, Whiskered Yuhinas, and more.

Inauguration of Sidkeong Tuluk Bird Park

Unveiling Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park: A Milestone in Sikkim’s Tourism Journey.

Then Chief Minister of Sikkim, Mr. Pawan Chamling, inaugurated the Bird Park in an overwhelming ceremony on December 4th, 2017. Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park is by the far one of the most ornamented wildlife sanctuaries in the state of Sikkim. The government of Sikkim actively oversees Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park, contributing significantly to Sikkim’s Tourism Industry. This initiative, achieved through assimilating smaller steps, aims to set a benchmark in Northeast Tourism’s history.

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