Teesta Udyan – Best Attraction in Jalpaiguri Town

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Teesta Udyan

Teesta Udyan Jalpaiguri is an old town and a seat of the British colonial rulers. It is also the divisional head of the seven districts of North Bengal. Once upon a time, the town housed the offices of big tea companies and old landlords.

Teesta Udyan, Jalpaiguri

However, after the partition of India in 1947, Jalpaiguri found itself isolated in a corner. In contrast, Siliguri acquired new importance and soon left Jalpaiguri far behind to become the second-largest city in West Bengal.

Teesta Udyan,Best Time to visit Teesta Udyan

However, Jalpaiguri still boasts of some old fashioned colonial buildings and a few excellent educational institutions. It also has a bench of the Calcutta High Court. A unique feature if the town is its mild temperament and clean neighborhoods.

Teesta Udyan Park in Jalpaiguri

The Teesta Park (Teesta Udyan) in the town beside the Karala river near the old district court premises is the best attraction of the town. The park is known for its quiet and tranquil surroundings. It has a beautiful artificially constructed lake where one can enjoy boating with the family and a deer park as well. There are enclosures with geese, peacocks, rabbits and guinea pigs and an aquarium

Teesta Udyan Jalpaiguri, India

For tourists on their way to the Dooars or further to Assam, Jalpaiguri provides the perfect day’s halt. And a visit to the Teesta Udyan adds another experience to travelers.

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