Adina Deer Park, Malda

Adina Deer Park, Malda

Are you dreaming of a surreal break? If the wildlife intrigues you, then don’t go anywhere this holiday season! Ditch the rest and do the Adina Deer Park, Malda this time!

Snuggled far from the maddening zone, this infamous Malda Park offers the best alternatives for a much-needed getaway from the chaotic city life. Sprawling at an area of 9.99 hectares, with two water bodies the Park was established in the year 1982.

Adina Deer Park, Malda

Adina Park is located at a distance of 21 kilometers from the town of Malda in the state of West Bengal and can be reached after 2 hours drive from the town. The park holds significance as a vital breeding center for the Spotted Deer or Cheetal in the state. It’s a striking fact that the number of these deer even exceeds the expected figure. Adina Park is also renowned for a considerable number of Nilgai or Blue Bull.

So, if you’re looking for an ambiance of tranquility, or if you want to enjoy the uncluttered and unfiltered beauty of nature, then Adina Malda Park caters to your quest in the best way possible. The place also serves as an excellent spot for the dry picnic. As there are no restaurants in the Park, you can pack some good food and set-out for a pleasingly amicable time with your kids, family, and friends.

Adina Deer Park, Malda

Owing to the large habitation of deer and some other animals, Malda Adina Park is recognized as Mini Zoo by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA). Presently, the Park is under the care of Ex- Officio Director, who is the present Divisional Forest Officer of Malda Forest Division.

Besides, affording a much-needed respite for the explorers, Malda Park mostly aims to stabilize and sustain the facilities for ex-situ education and conservation, the study on flora and faunas, to exchange spotted deer for getting a new animal to improve the quality of the zoo, to render transit shelter to the sick and injured animals and birds rescued from the various part of the district, to simultaneously promote eco-tourism with zoo tourism, and to organize conservation awareness event to the tourists for educating them regarding the benefit and art of living in harmony with nature and the with the wildlife.

Presently, the abode to 90 Spotted Deer and 8 Nilgai, Adina Deer Park, Malda can be reached easily as it is well linked with the rail-routes and road-network across the state. Perhaps, due to its authenticity and the easy accessibility, Adina Park witnesses more than 72,000 visitors annually.

Despite its title “Adina Deer Park” this tiny domain is conserved within an orchard estate. The vibrant woods are abode to the large and diverse species of birds and butterflies. Major and rare species of bird species includes prinia, Asian Openbill, oriole, paradise flycatcher, fish eagle, and more.

Adina Deer Park, Malda

The Park remains open from 10:00 am- 05:00 pm and remains closed on the weekly holidays. Despite its priceless natural allure and vibrant wildlife, Adina Deer Park entry fee is not applicable to any visitor, that is, the entry is free of cost.

Adina Deer Park, Malda

However, we recommend you to do a little research on climate and the weather. It is advised to carry an insect repellent, wear light clothes, and sunblock lotions. Avoid visiting during summer as it is intolerably hot and humid, avoid monsoon as well, as it is considered the breeding season and the most of the Wildlife domains remains closed. Besides, the excess rain will cause the traveling uneasy and inconvenient.

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