Indreni Falls – A Closer Encounter With A Rainbow & The Hidden Waterfall

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Indreni Falls

When we respond to our inner calls and retreat from the tedious ritual, we instantly feel at peace and our stress disappears like an illusory dream. Over the years, the weary individuals from across the metropolises have pondered their longing for peace and have backpacked to serene hill stations like Darjeeling and others alike. The closest acquaintance of the majestic Himalayas, Darjeeling Hills have beckoned countless souls seeking seclusion from the urban stirs. Under the realm of breathtaking sights of the Himalayas, tea estates, and heritage properties, countless destinations are yet to be discovered. Indreni Falls is one of them.

Indreni Falls

“Indreni” means “Rainbow” in Nepali dialect. On a sunny day, the sunlight filtering through the water droplets creates a rainbow in the waterfall, and hence, it acquired its name from the rainbow. Indreni Falls, also known as Rainbow Waterfall or Indreni Chango is a phenomenal natural attraction in North Bengal.


Indreni Falls is located 5-6 km away from Sonada town. The tranquil waterfall is tucked away amidst the unspoiled nature, aloof from the urban stir. A trip to Indreni Falls on a sunny day offers you a mesmerizing sight of rainbow on waterfall. Besides, the place allows you to bask in a tranquil aura surrounded by greenery under the clear blue sky.

Indreni Falls

Secluded from the frequent human intervention, Indreni Falls is an ideal destination for peace seekers, nature lovers, and those craving thrill and adventure. Ideally regarded as the hidden gem of Darjeeling Hills, Indreni Falls is surreal in every aspect. From its unspoiled surroundings and the close encounter with a rainbow! This mesmerizing waterfall will bewitch your soul.

Indreni Falls

Regardless of its beauty, Indreni Falls is an obscure attraction in Darjeeling Hills. Only a handful of people have set their foot on its rarely trodden territory. Its appeal is incomparable to any other attraction, hence, its rarity makes it truly worth the visit. Due to its seclusion from the city, Indreni Falls ideally makes a dream come true destination for anyone seeking a break from urban monotony. A trip to Darjeeling is incomplete without a trip to Indreni Falls in Sonada.

Why go there?

Get a closer look at Rainbow – For ages, the calm and quaint mountains have fascinated weary souls and offered peaceful respite from the urban weariness. But, beyond the popularity of majestic peaks, the mountains treasure the places waiting to be explored. Indreni Falls is a rare and phenomenal destination that lets you get a closer look at the rainbow decking the waterfalls. Rarely there exists any place that lets you witness such a mesmerizing sight!

Indreni Falls

Rejuvenation and peace – Not only the rainbow, Indreni Falls is an ideal place to escape from the stressful crowds and cities, as well from the blistering summer of metro cities. The tranquil aura will help you rejuvenate. The vibrant greenery and the cool air will do wonders for your peace-seeking mind and soul. You can bask in the unmarred nature in peace while listening to the rustling sound of the falls and streams.

Get an adrenaline rush – For Indreni Falls gives you a good reason to get your adrenaline rushing. It’s not only the sight of the rainbow-adorned waterfalls that will make your heart skip a beat, but it’s also a bumpy ride halfway to the spot. There are no direct roadways connected to the exact spot, so you need to hike a little to get to the waterfalls. You will come across narrow pathways and streams. Crossing the tiny bamboo bridges will surely give you thrills.

Indreni Falls

To Experience Nature – The greenery thrives at its utmost appeal in and around Indreni Falls. Amidst the green forests, Indreni Falls remains hidden, almost mysterious to the eyes that have not witnessed its beauty. Amidst nature, Indreni Falls flows down in its full glory, beguiling the souls that encounter its beauty.

Indreni Falls

Photography/Vlogging – The beautiful backdrop of greens and the rivers rustling down the valleys offer an excellent backdrop for a snapshot. The natural charm of the place will compel you to capture its beauty. If you love nature photography or want to add more content to your vlogs, Indreni Falls is a great spot to capture the essence of natural allure.

Best time to visit Indreni Falls, Sonada 

Every season does its magic to these intriguing falls. Despite the charm of the varying season that projects their rarest essence of the spot, Indreni Falls lets you witness nature in its purest form. From the phenomenal rainbow to the breathtaking green vales and streams! You can find the utmost peace and bliss when you get here. Head out to the spot at any season and you won’t ever be disappointed!

Monsoon season is when the waterfall turn gigantic and intimidating. Apart from the colossal falls and their roaring sound, what gets excess is the green quotient in the surroundings. The monsoon rain not only adds to the volume of the water but also revives the green from the dry winters. However, it is not only the season that enhances the beauty of Indreni Falls, it is the sunlight that does the real magic. The rainbow in the waterfall are visible when the sunlight strikes the tiny water droplets from the waterfall. So, to get a closer glimpse of the rainbow, you need to plan your visit to Indreni Falls in Sonada on a sunny day.

Indreni Falls

If you crave to be amidst the places that are unexplored, head out to the serene regions of Darjeeling. The quaint Sonada region has the Hill Queen’s hidden paradise, . The phenomenal beauty, Indreni Falls is the most intriguing waterfall in Darjeeling District. The pride of the Sonada region, Indreni Falls caters to the call of nature lovers, adventurers, and peace seekers.

How to reach Indreni Falls, Sonada

Indreni Falls is located in the lower region of Sonada. The adjoining regions and villages have respective routes that lead to the majestic Rainbow Falls. To get there, you need to reach Sonada. Once you traverse Sonada Monastery, you will come across a petrol pump. A small road adjacent to the petrol pump leads to the destination. You can drive until the drivable route. From there on, you need to hike a little to get there to the exact spot.

By Air – Bagdogra International Airport (IXB) is the only and the nearest airport in North Bengal. Once you land here, you can get cars on rentals that can drive you to Sonada.

By Train – NJP is the nearest railway station that connects North Bengal with other states. On reaching here, you can rent cars/taxis to get to sonada.

By Road – Sonada is well connected with roadways, hence, you can easily get to Sonada from any city or the adjoining hill stations like Kalimpong, Kurseong, including Gangtok. Siliguri is the main city and the only transit base to the hill stations. If you are traveling to Sonada from other states via roadways, you can get shared vehicles from Siliguri Junction to the Sonada region. No matter the distance, a trip to Indreni Falls is worth your time and effort. 

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