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Science city Siliguri is a walk amidst the natural beauty of the trees of North Bengal, the science city spellbound you from its very gate. The Gokul and hazel trees, the long stretch of Kamini bushes and the calmness of nature lead you to the doorsteps of a world which will leave you perplexed and wanting for more.

The North Bengal Science City established in 1997 is the one and only science Centre in Siliguri. With access to the Science Centre at a very nominal price the science city always has a minimum of visitors of 500 people in a day, locals and tourists alike.

The North Bengal Science city established with the purpose of inculcating, promoting and developing scientific interest among the people, has over the years has grown into a very esteemed and renowned institution.

Boys playing at siper web at Science city siliguri

(Children having fun inside the Science Centre arena)

Walking through the simple yet beautiful path one surely wonders what’s in store for them inside. The outside path stores many common and interesting applications of science like Nipkovā€™s Disc followed by the perception of depth, Eco tube, Periscope and so on.

Inside the complex, there are further scientific equipment in display and some simple yet confusing machines which teach one further about the applications of science.

The actual fun starts when one enters the digital planetarium which plays a very engaging and enthralling astronomical show. It also has a Nature Interpretation Centre.

Playing in Science city Siliguri

The Science Centre also shows many science dramas, science seminars, lectures, and programs. It also gives an insight into the biological diversity of the region and houses many flora and fauna existing in the Siliguri ranges.

There is also an artificial forest in the North Bengal Science Centre. One can also enjoy the cafeteria there which provides a variety of options for the people. At Matigara, 5 km north of Siliguri the science city is a special attraction for people of all age groups.

It opens at 10.30 and closes at 6.00. Anyone who is looking for a day off and wishes to spend his or her day in awe and excitement a science city is a must-visit the place.

north bengal siliguri science city

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