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Ewam India Buddhist Monastery, Siliguri
Ewam Siliguri

Ewam Siliguri, India is etched amid the serenity and splendor of nature. The Buddhist Monastery exhibits the ideal representation of spirituality, peace, and the ethereal wonder. Standing amid the vast stretch of greens & the dotting settlements, the monastery retains the rustic and mystical feeling. The term ‘ewam’ itself resounds rarity and the touch of an exotic. Secluded from the rush of the bustling city life, Ewam Monastery stands at a distance of 11 km from the heart of Siliguri.

Ewam India Buddhist Monastery, Siliguri

Ewam Monastery, a Pilgrimage Destination of Serene Bliss and Spiritual Significance

Ewam propagates Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism which is considered to be the oldest amongst the four significant traditional schools. The monastery is sacred to the Buddhists. It is also deemed as an evolving pilgrimage site to the religious fanatics and even to the explorers. Contradicting the boisterous city, the monastery extends not just an escapade but also renders an unsurpassable soul-soothing bliss, solitude, and calmness. Furthermore, its serene ambiance captivates visitors from all walks of life. Additionally, the site’s spiritual significance draws people seeking solace and enlightenment.

Getting There

monastery is located at Toribari Village

The monastery is located at Toribari Village, Salugara which is quite nearby to Bengal Safari, Siliguri. Thus, this grandiose structure is enclosed by verdant natural greeneries and serenity. The pilgrims and the explorers seeking to get to Ewam Monastery can easily get access to the place as the city offers cheap, prompt or, instant transport facilities. Even though the monastery is secluded from the sheen, glamour, and the vogue of contemporary life, there are proper road networks that ensure easy accessibility to it.

A Glimpse Into The Architecture

Buddhist architectural style

The monastery depicts the ancient Buddhist architectural style. The seven-storied monastery bears stunning artwork and intricate carvings. The brilliant Kilkhor drawing adorns the walls and the entire ceilings.

Every inch of the interiors and exteriors retains a vibe of immense spirituality. The grand statues of Buddha in the meditating pose is installed inside the temple block. The monastery is painted in brownish-red and the pillars depict the radiant hues of bright red and gold. The front-facing side is most appealing as it dazzles in golden shade. There is a massive circular yard infront of the main building. A wide flight of stairs at the front/entrance leads you to the first floor where an array of prayer wheels are arranged throughout the circular pathway. The circular shape adds to the peculiarity and appeal of the monastery. The visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding nature from the monastery.

The roof of the monastery is another fascinating part. The topmost section is constructed so that every inch of it bears the ‘roof style of Tibetan Monasteries’. The edge of the roof depicts the graven image of an unusual creature that resembles somewhat like an elephant and a dragon. The entire roof and the carvings on the edges of the roofs are painted in gold that shimmers in its utmost gleam in the dawn, daylight, and during the sunsets.

History & Origin Of Ewam

Ewam India Buddhist Monastery Siliguri is a charitable, non-profit educational organization. It was founded in 1999 under the spiritual guidance of Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche. Ewam intends to develop spiritual learning in western countries and throughout the world. The organization particularly emphasizes the learning and practice of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Sang-Ngag Rinpoche established Ewam Buddhist Institute In July 2016 at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Montana.

In Nepal, Ewam supports the practice of Tibetan Buddhism including two nunneries and a monastery. In Siliguri, they have established Ewam Institute, which includes a monastery and a nunnery, and they further provide educational support and medical facilities. Besides, Rinpoche has established. Ewam institutes in Hong Kong, Montana, New Mexico, and Taiwan. Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche has also established The Turquoise Leaf Nunnery in Nepal as a contribution or help to ease the suffering and terrible treatment of nuns. Rinpoche believes in eradicating gender bias or inequality.

The Project – Ewan India (Siliguri)

The project’s envisioning dates back to 2005 when they planned and drafted it. Back then it was just a vast stretch of an uncultivated piece of land. In December 2005, they constructed the boundary around the purposed site. In the very month, they put up the prayer flags at the site. On 6th January 2006, Tulku Sag-ngag Rinpoche visited at Ewam India Project site for the first time.

Another two years passed, and finally, on 26th February 2008, they observed the land consecration prayer at the site as per the Buddhist religious rituals. Rinpoche performed the ritual of burying a fortune vase at the Ewam India project site.

In July 2009, they erected the foundation and the first-floor pillars for the main building. The project even involved an administrative building. Despite the continuous progress, the project took years to complete entirely. Finally, on 21st January 2016, they held Drupchen prayers – which means ‘vast accomplishment’ – at the entirely erected and painted structure.

Nonetheless, the wait was worth it as the magnificent sight left everyone in awe. In July 2009, Ewam India Buddhist Monastery Siliguri erected the foundation and the first-floor pillars for the main building. The project even involved an administrative building.

Ewam India Buddhist Monastery Siliguri India is one of the most magnificent and impressive monasteries in North Bengal. It adds on to the list of spiritual sites in North Bengal. It stands as an offbeat place to explore. Ewam resounds surreal, rare which is evident in it’s being, ideals and in the essence.

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