Rishyap Kalimpong:Treat Yourself to Getaway Into Nature’s Lap at Rishyap

Rishyap Kalimpong

Rishyap which is also sometimes spelled as Rishop is a small village in Kalimpong District. It is one of the lesser known tourist destinations in Kalimpong located just 28 Kms from Kalimpong town. The name of this village bears many legends and myths linked with it but the widely known origin of the name is […]

Beltar – Kurseong’s Emerging Tourist Destination

Beltar Kurseong

Darjeeling hills is such a fascinating place, where there are many renowned places, some are just hidden away among the forest, valleys and foothills of the himalaya. They are like little gems which are extremely fun to explore for a traveller. One such place is Beltar in Kurseong. It is a tiny village, with a […]

Unobstructed View of the Majestic Kanchenjunga and More: All Things Charkhole Offers

Charkhole is a small village in Kalimpong which has found a growing tourist attraction in recent years. This village is known for marvellous views of the Kanchenjunga.   As people flocked places like lava and lolegaon, they discovered this tiny hamlet serving extraordinary views of India’s highest mountain. Charkhole is approximately 12 Kilometers from Lolegaon […]

A Cultural Heritage Site Sidrapong Hydel Power Station – India’s First Hydel Project

Sidrapong Hydel Power Station

First mini-hydel project of India. Many may not know that Sidrapong Hydel Power Station or Sidrapong Hydroelectric Power Station is the oldest power station in India.Many people are not aware that this power station holds the distinction of being India’s first Hydel project and is also one of Asia’s oldest power stations. Sidrapong, a cultural […]

Lava – A Dream like Village in Kalimpong

Lava - A Dream like Village in Kalimpong

Anyone who knows of Kalimpong knows of Lava, a small village situated 30 Kilometers from Kalimpomg. The place is one of the most visited tourist destinations in. It is mostly known for the natural beauty it possesses, the flora and fauna in the area attracts adventure lovers, nature explorers welcoming hikers, trekkers and birdwatchers. The […]

Sankosh River: West Bengal-Assam Border, a Popular Summer Destination.

Sankosh River

The river of emerald.  The Sankosh River flows under different names in various regions. In India, people know it as the Sankosh River, while in Bhutan, they call it Punatsang Chhu (Wang Chu). Some other synonyms for the river include Svarnakosha and Gadadhar. In India the river has a major significance as it flows on the […]

Lepchakha – The Queen of Dooars

Lepchakha Village Dooars

Lepchakha Village is considered as the “Queen of Dooars”. It is a tiny hamlet located on the ridge of Buxa Tiger Reserve. The enchanting natural beauty of this province perfectly outfits the title. Due to its proximity to Buxa Tiger Reserve, this far-flung provincial site boasts of surreal natural surroundings. Being endowed with nature, the […]

Totopara – The Idyllic World of Toto Tribes

Totopara derives its name from its unique inhabitants; the Toto tribe. Totos are one of the primitive tribes in the world. They are known for their peculiar ethnicity and culture.Their unique traditions and practices set them apart from other communities. A solitary haven for indigenous tribes, Totopara is one of the exotic destinations in the […]

Chatakpur – An Infinite Serenity Amidst Unexplored Mountain Hamlets.

Chatakpur, Chatakpur Eco

Chatakpur : Stress has become a staple word in people’s vocabulary these days. Everybody’s stressed! Be it because of work, studies, family or any other reason, people are struggling to get that mental peace. While each individual has their own way of letting out their stress, traveling is something that works for all. Just going […]

Changey Waterfalls Kalimpong – How To Reach Changey Falls

Changey Waterfalls Kalimpong - How To Reach Changey Falls

Changey Waterfalls Kalimpong – When planning a trip to Darjeeling-Kalimpong don’t forget to add Changey falls to your itinerary. Changey is one of the most touristic places in North Bengal. Located just 14 Kilometers away from Lava, this is a serene hideaway surrounded by greenery. Falling from a height of 400ft it is said that […]

Malbazar Park – The Best Attraction In Jalpaiguri

malbazar Jalpaiguri

Malbazar Park , also popularly known as “Mal” is a prominent town in North Bengal. Due to its proximity with the Indo-Bhutanese border town Jaigaon, it is regarded as a flourishing business confluence in the district of Jalpaiguri in the state of West Bengal, India. The town is located at a distance of 65 kilometers […]

Pagla Jhora Waterfalls Is One Of The Flourishing Tourist Attractions in North Bengal.

Pagla Jhora, Darjeeling

Pagla Jhora Waterfalls is one of the flourishing tourist attractions in North Bengal. It’s named so for the area encounters continuous landslides, especially during heavy rainfall. Despite being a shrinking zone, Pagla Jhora is the home to several beautiful and undulating waterfalls, silver streams, lush floras, exotic birds, and tranquil surroundings. Location & how to […]

Mayfair Tea Resort Siliguri – First Boutique Tea Resort In Siliguri

Mayfair Resort Siliguri

Mayfair Tea Resort Siliguri – Established closely amidst the luxuriant greens and serene environment, MAYFAIR Tea Resort in Siliguri retains the spellbinding blend of classic elegance and modern world conveniences. The gigantic heritage property stands amidst the flawlessly manicured tea gardens thriving on the mightily unfurled Northern plains. Tracing its Colonial origin, MAYFAIR Tea Resort […]

Junglee Baba Mandir – Bangdubi, Bagdogra, Dalkajhar Forest, West Bengal

Junglee Baba Mandir

Junglee Baba Mandir is a sacred retreat for explorers of every kind. Ideally, a “highly recommended” weekend retreat for peace-seeking localite, it comes under the list of places to explore in Siliguri, which is an en-route province. The city interlinks the entire Indian states with the Northeast and with the neighboring countries Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, […]

Namthing Pokhari – Abode Of Endangered Himalayan Salamanders

Namthing Pokhari is nestled at Shelpu Hills of Kurseong in the District of Darjeeling. Seating at an elevation of 4500 ft above sea level, Namthing Pokhari is seasonal in nature. Apart from being a rare and offbeat attraction in Darjeeling Hills, it is as well a home to rare species many flora and faunas. The […]

Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat Siliguri

Biswa Bangla Silphi Haat

Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat: Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat represents the authenticity and the essence of traditional crafts and merchandise of Bengal. It is home to the ancestral art creations. It solely depicts the ancestry and further serves as an approach to conserve the skill and authenticity through handmade art and crafts. Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat […]

Hanuman Mandir Malbazar West Bengal

Hanuman Mandir Malbazar West Bengal

Hanuman Mandir Malbazar: Well, we all know the narrative of Ramayana. The epic explicitly defines the notable role of mighty Hanuman in king Rama’s victory over Ravana. The greatest Brahmachari, Hanuman is also regarded as one of the Chiranjivi (amongst 7 immortals in Hinduism). He, aka Bajranbali was an ardent devotee of Rama. Born in […]

Jatileswar Mahadev Temple – A Sacred Shrine in Mainaguri

Jatileswar Mahadev Temple

Jatileswar Mahadev Temple, Mainaguri can be regarded as an embodiment of North Bengal’s cultural beliefs. Art of Bengal, which is mainly religious, is explicated through temples. Brick temples of Bengal, established between the 16th and 19th century unfolds one of the most distinctive groups of sacred monuments in India. Due to multiple artistic attractions portraying […]

Rasikbill, Cooch Behar- Abode to Migratory Birds

Rasikbill, Cooch Behar

You are probably aware of how spending time in nature is important for you in various ways. But, in case if that no longer seems significant to you due to your hectic schedule or, due to other situations that bars your mind from stealing some time for yourself, then you are missing all the amazing […]

Teesta Udyan – Best Attraction in Jalpaiguri Town

Teesta Udyan

Teesta Udyan Jalpaiguri is an old town and a seat of the British colonial rulers. It is also the divisional head of the seven districts of North Bengal. Once upon a time, the town housed the offices of big tea companies and old landlords. However, after the partition of India in 1947, Jalpaiguri found itself […]