Ralang Monastery South Sikkim

Ralang Monastery

Ralang Monastery: Apart from cultural diversity, monasteries in India are a personification of spirituality and peace. Monasteries are considered to be one of the holiest and spiritual places in the country. Every year, millions of people from all corners of the world throng to these monasteries in search of perpetual peace. Buddhist monasteries are the […]

Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple Legship Sikkim

Kirateshwar Mahadev

Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple Sikkim – We have read in Indian history that temples in ancient times were once social hubs where people chose to congregate. Temples also stood as the supreme place where the representation of art practices like dance, music, and other amusement, games was held. Hence, this tradition thrived and was carried further […]

Tashiding Monastery Sikkim

Tashiding Monastery

Tashiding Monastery Sikkim – The Himalayas have attracted mystical seekers for millennia. Nowhere else in the world are you as close to the sky as here. This applies to both the mundane altitudes of the giant mountains and literally, nowhere in the world there are so many worshiped sacred mountains, lakes, rivers, caves, temples, and […]

Titanic View Point Ralong, South Sikkim – An Exotic Attraction In South Sikkim

Titanic View Point Ralong South Sikkim

Titanic View Point Ralong: Well, you know about the historical Titanic or, at least, you must have watched the movie ‘Titanic’. Despite being an epitome of the magnificence of a different era, disastrous sinking befell on its very first maiden voyage. But, even at this age, we still can acquire an insight into its grandeur, […]

Savin Kingdom – Prompt Summertime Getaway In Siliguri

Savin Kingdom siliguri water park

Do you get bored easily? Are you running out of ideas to channelize your energy and feed your desire for fun? To your escape from everyday’s chores, amusement parks are just the right place for you to relax in the sun and immerse in enjoyment. Amusement parks undoubtedly are one of the most common alternatives […]

Mankhim Hill Top, Sikkim – Pristine & Surreal Escapade


Are you tired and bored of the usual everyday schedule and yearning to get rid of them for a couple of days? Or do you wish to settle down and enjoy peaceful few days in a blissful Mankhim Hill location? If you are looking for a serene dwelling, Sikkim is a perfect gateway to experience […]

Ewam India Buddhist Monastery, Siliguri – Ancient Buddhism For The Modern Times

Ewam India Buddhist Monastery, Siliguri

Ewam Siliguri Ewam Siliguri, India is etched amid the serenity and splendor of nature. Ewam India Buddhist Monastery exhibits the ideal representation of spirituality, peace, and the ethereal wonder. Standing amid the vast stretch of greens & the dotting settlements, the monastery retains the rustic and mystical feeling. The term ‘ewam’ itself resounds rarity and […]

The Elgin Hotel, Darjeeling – Experience The Colonial Ambience

Elgin-Hotel Darjeeling

Elgin Hotels in Darjeeling – While traveling, few would deny that accommodation is unquestionably one of the most essential priorities. Besides exploring a new holiday destination, selection of hotels’ along with the hospitality services, delicious cuisines, etc is pivotal for holidaymakers to choose a concerned accommodation. If you are fond of extensive traveling and exploring […]

Gorubathan – An Ideal Hideout For Dealing With The Urban Strain


This blog about Gorubathan pulls you closer to nature and offbeat elements. The topic covers diverse details about the same. Such as history, interesting places, activities, accommodations, etc. The subject covered about the topic is enlisted below. Scroll further below to read the elaborated information. 1. Gorubathan – Etched In Natural Splendor With a Bit […]

Statue of Mahatma Sirijunga, Sikkim – The Impeccable Idol Of The Most Revered

Statue of Mahatma Sirijunga, Sikkim

This blog about “Statue of Mahatma Sirijunga, Sikkim” extends comprehensive details about the same. The article covers and elaborates the following sub-headings. 1. Statue of Mahatma Sirijunga, Sikkim – The Impeccable Idol Of The Most Revered 2. A Brief Glimpse Into The Culture & History – The Rise Of Mahatma Sirijunga Teyongshi 3. The Detailed […]

Kalapokhari lake – The Lake En Route To Sandakphu Peak

kalapokhri lake sandakphu

This blog about Kalpokhri or Kalapokhari lake spreads some important verbal and visual representation about the place. The written part highlights the enlisted subheadings. Just scroll down to find some information and splendid images. 1. Kalpokhri At A Glance – Uncovering The Myth Of The Sacred Black Waters 2. The Lake En Route For The […]

Siliguri Gate – The Splendor Of The Northern Plains


This blog about Siliguri Gate covers the detailed information based on actual observation. The info incorporated are as follows- The Siliguri Gate At Glance & It’s Conception The Description: It’s Distinctive Features & The Surroundings The Location, Nearby Places Of Importance On The Either Side Siliguri Gate- A Contemporary Masterpiece The Siliguri Gate At Glance […]

Bagora- The Himalayan Salamander Conservation Area- The Hidden Jewel Of The Himalayas

Contemporary human life is synonymous with fast-paced daily schedule often devoid of recreation and relaxation which can make it extremely difficult to prioritize and plan a holiday trip. Holidays and vacations are important to detach and rejuvenate the tiring soul and body, and everyone needs a break from their everyday normal but monotonous hustle and […]

Saramsa Garden Gangtok – From an Orchard to an Orchidarium

Saramsa Garden gangtok

This blog about Saramsa Garden Gangtok features the fact-based information. Such as- 1. Location & Accessibility 2. An Insight Into its Inception 3. Why it’s Called ‘Ipecac Garden’? 4. The Rise of Sikkim’s Orchidarium 5. A Peek Into its Development & Current Status 6. Entry Fee & Conveniences Location & Accessibility Saramsa Garden snuggles amid […]

Takdah Orchid Center- The Mountains, Mists, and Magic

Takdah darjeeling

Welcome to the realm of mists and natural splendor. This blog about ‘Takdah Orchid Centre’ covers comprehensive details regarding the same. Such as- 1. A Brief Overview About Takdah 2. Takdah Orchid Center 3. History & Origin 4. Distinctiveness 5. Location & Accessibility 6. Why Takdah Orchid Center? 1. A Brief Overview About Takdah Takdah […]

Margaret’s Deck – Exotic & Serene Getaway in Kurseong

Margaret's Deck Tea Lounge, Kurseong

This article covers and elaborates on the following. Kindly scroll down to enjoy your reading. 1. Margaret’s Deck- The Latest Edition To The Goodricke Teapot Chain 2. Local Tea Lounge & Global Standards 3. The Host of Menus Containing High-Quality Tea Varieties 4. The Perfect Aura & Aesthetic Charm & Its Surroundings 5. The Unique […]

Eklakhi Mausoleum- A Piece Of Historical Evidence Surviving The Ages

Eklakhi Mausoleum (Malda)

1. A Glimpse Into It’s Origin & Location 2. Architectural Inspiration & It’s Creator 3. It’s Peculiarity & It’s Untraced Bearings 4. The Structure & It’s Dimensional Details 5. A Mark of Bengali Architecture 6. Entry Fee Details & Maintenance Initiative By ASI A Glimpse Into It’s Origin & Location Eklakhi Mausoleum is worth exploring […]

Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Rhenock

Siddhivinayak Temple rehenock

Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Rhenock: The tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim is molding itself into the dwelling place of deities. Well reputed for its natural splendor, rich biodiversity, and flourishing eco-tourism, the state is all set to become the religious tourism destination in the northeast. With more than 200 Buddhist monasteries, sacred shrines, temples established across […]

Keventer’s Darjeeling- The flavor of Colonial Classic

Keventer's Darjeeling

Keventers Darjeeling: Darjeeling resounds soothing summers and the restful Heritage Bungalows! What’s more, is the historical Toy Train and the unparalleled splendor of nature, the majestic Himalayan Ranges, the world famous Tea, and What Not? Of course, there is their amicable way of life among the diverse ethnicity! Their unique culture holds a touch, an […]

Qadam Rasul Mosque – The shrine of treasured Footprint of Mohammed

Qadam Rasul Mosque- The shrine of treasured Footprint of Mohammed

Perhaps the thought regarding the nomenclature of Qadam Rasul Mosque must have been reaped from the Arabic term ‘Qadam-e-Rasul’. The term is literally interpreted as “Footprint of the Messenger”. The concept of ‘Qadam Rasul’ started with a belief in early Islam. According to their belief, Prophet Muhammad stepped on a rock and miraculously, created an […]